The Team

Smart Mind, Smart Solutions. Here is the list of our Smart Minds.

Attaullah Hazarvi

CEO & Founder

Smart Mind, Smart Solutions. Through our business solution services, we help our clients to improve and grow their economy.


Human Resource Manager

It’s nice working place for people who actually care about your future and invest time and money to help you be successful. We are not just team members — we are family...

Khurram Ansar

Chief Operating Officer

Set your course according to your day dreams.

Abdul Qadir Ali

Chief Operating Officer

You Learn More From Failure Than From Success. Don’t Let It Stop You. Failure Builds Character.

Zulfqar Ali Chishti

Lead Web developer.

OT is consummate professionals. we have great development and communication skills in website development and we know what it takes to build websites from start to finish.

Abdul Muqaddam

Chief Editor

We are not just team members — we are family...

Rana Rizwan

Senior Web Developer

We are not just team members — we are family...

Ali Hassan Qureshi

Sr. 3D Designer

We just never dreamed about success, we are working on it!


Senior Unity 3D Developer

Oriental Tech provide professional environment to achieve organizational goals.

Mohammad Usman Ghani

Content Writer

Believe in yourself and break the stereotypes.

Ayesha Zahid

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Oriental Tech Provides Great working environment to explore.We are the team of smart minds.


3D Designer

Oriental Tech is the best working place to enhance my skills

Junaid Saif

Senior SEO Expert

As the creativity is in my blood and this is the best place for me to come up with my masterpiece

Tayyaba Tahreem

Quality Assurance

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising everytime we fall.

M Asad

Graphic designer

I feel that we work in a fair environment where Equality is a key.

Sadaf Ali

Unity Game developer

New way of journey for success

Mawra Asghar

Social Media Executive

Oriental tech provide a comfortable environment to their employees.i am happy to be a part of this team

shehzad siddiqui

Social Media Executive


Zulfiqar Ali

Graphic designer

Working With Oriental Tech, I’m Learning Every Day To Allow the Space Between Where I’m And Where I want To Be To Inspire Me.

Ayesha Aamer

Quality Assurance

We Aim above the Mark to Hit the Mark.

Ammar Arshad

Senior Video Editor

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

Mansab Malik

video editor

I apply the term creativity broadly. it is problem solving. We are all faced with problems, and we have to address them and think of something new and that is where creativity comes in.

Ubaid Zahoor

Unity Game Developer

Oriental tech gives us confidence about our work that you can do it, and we have made it done

Abdul Jabbar

Web Developer

Being a Member of Oriental Tech I am an Engaging,Purposeful and Creative Web Developer.We don’t just build websites, We Build your Business.

Awais Ahmed Bhatti

Account Officer

Not Failure ,But Low aim is the real Crime

Mukhair Bukhari


Great team work in a fair environment.

Mubeen Mughal


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Asif Ghaffar

Senior Writer

Oriental Tech is a family where everyone works hard to lift its highest level.

Waseem Khan


Oriental Tech provides the top quality environment where ideas are appreciated and personified.

Umer Arif

jr. Android Developer

Oritech provide great professional Environment and where we developing mobile applications and explore new innovative ideas.

Zuhair Anjum


Oriental Tech. a smart Family, is a new way towards Success. It provides us the Confidence to enhance the Professional Skills.


Graphic Designer

Crafting visually stunning memorable experiences for creative design

luqman haider


oriental is a family of smart minds, do hard and wait for a success